The raise of the Online Advertising Market

The 2009 struck the golden dreams of a lot of web-entrepreneurs: the growth of the online advertising market saw a stop, after 8 years of continue growth. This caused a lot of debates about online business models, raising doubts on the effectiveness of business models based on advertising. Today the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report has presented a new scenario about the online advertaising market, which allow coming back to the lost optimism.

Revenue of the online advertising in 2010 have been increased by 15%, reaching the 26 billions of $. More than the revenue generated in the 2009 (obviously) but also more than the 2008.

Going little deeper into the report, we discover that the Search Advertising remains the most consistent part of the online advertising: it has generated revenues for 12 billions of $ (the 46% of the total). Instead display adv has generated the 24% of the total revenues.

Another really interesting information we can reach reading the Report is that the online adv market is opting more for Performance and less for CPM. This is an interesting trends, which appairs for the first time in 2006 and started to be more than more marked in the next year. Now Performace adv own the 62% of the market, while CPM only the 33%.

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